Weekly quiz.

Here will find the answers to the Weekly Torah Quiz, sent out with our weekly email newsletter starting from February 2013.  

Are you familiar with the weekly Torah portion and other Jewish info? How many of the following question can you answer correctly? 

Parashat Ki Tisa/Para 5773 / March 1, 2013


1) Who were the two craftsmen that built the Mishkan (Tabernacle) in the desert?

2) On what day did Moses come down from Mount Sinai with the First Tablets?

3) On what day did he come down with the Second Tablets?

4) Why will two Torah scrolls be used this Shabbat in the Synagogue?


1) Betzalel son of uri and Ahaliav son of Achisamach. (31:2,6)

2) 17 Tammuz.

3) 10 Tishrei, Yom Kippur.

4) The first for the weekly Torah portion, Ki Tisah. In the second scroll we will read Parashat Para, in preparation for the holiday of Pesach. Click here to read more.


Parashat Terumah 5773 / February 15, 2013


1) What was placed in the Holy Ark in the Tabernacle besides the Two Tablets?

2) How many Kerubim were placed above the Holy Ark?

3) How many branches were there in the Holy Menorah?

4) Which Jewish Fast day occurs this week, and why?


1) The pieces of the first Tablets that Moses broke.

2) 2.

3) 7.

4) The fast of Esther is observed the day before Purim to commemorate the fasting of the Jewish people during the Purim story. As Erev Purim is on Shabbat this year, the fast will be observed earlier, on Thursday Feb 21. (See here for more details).  


Parashat Yitro 5773 / Week 5, 2013


1)      How was Yitro related to Moshe?

2)      On what day of the week was the Torah given?

3)      What is the reward for honoring our parents?

4)      Where in the Holy Temple is it forbidden to build steps?


1)      Yitro was Moshes’s father-in-law. (Exodus 18:1)

2)      Shabbat. (Talmud Shabbat 86:2)

3)      Long life. (Exodus 20:12)

4)      It is a Mitzvah to build a ramp leading up to the Altar. Steps were forbidden. (Exodus 20:23)