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Kosher Food

Kosher Food


Kosher store (In the Jewish center)
Riddargatan 5, Ground Floor
Phone: +46 8 663 6580

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11:00 – 18:00

Fri: 9:00– 1 hour before Shabbat, or 16:00
Between July 1st and August 15 the store is only open Wed-Fri 10:00 – 16:00

At the store you can get basic kosher food such as frozen chicken and meat, canned gefilte fish, pakaged cold cuts, snacks, spreads etc. The kosher store can also prepare light meals such as sandwiches, burgers etc. Please contact the store directly for more details and further information.

Keep in mind that in order to enter the Jewish Community's premises, you will need to bring along some form of identification, such as your passport or ID card.

Kosher products list

The Stockholm Kosher list is a list of foods, found at regular stores, which were checked and known to contain only kosher ingredients. Please note that there is no ongoing supervision and that some of the foods are not Pat, Chalav or Bishul Israel. For further information contact Rabbi Amram Maccabi at amram.maccabi@jfst.se. 

The list and additions to the list can be found at www.jfst.se/kosher.

Kosher Take out  

We are happy to offer meal options that can either be picked-up, delivered or eaten at the Chabad house. Please read through carefully and fill in an order here .

All main courses are delivered double-wrapped and possible to reheat in any oven.

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