Is there a Kosher restaurant in Stockholm?

As of now, there is no Kosher restaurant in Stockholm. The local Kosher store, Kosherian, can prepare light meals, sandwiches etc. Contact the store for further information at
We at Chabad House can arrange meals for weekdays or Shabbat meals that can either be delivered or picked up. Just fill out order form on our website click here

Where do prayer services take place in Stockholm?

There are two orthodox synagogues with a daily minyan for Shacharit and of course on Friday night and Shabbat. For more details and prayer times please click here . Occasionally there are minyanim for Mincha-Maariv during the week. Please contact us

for more information.

Are there Shabbat meals we can attend?

You are welcome to join us for the Shabbat dinner at the Chabad House, please reserve

as early as possible. Alternatively, you can order them at the kosher store.

Can we stay at the Chabad house?

Unfortunately, we don’t have sleeping accommodations, but there are many hotels in all price ranges close to us. Click here

for some suggestions.

Is there a Mikva in Stockholm?

Yes, there is. It is located in the Judaica House at Nybrogatan 19. Please note that a Mikva visit must be pre-arranged. Contact Mrs. Jane Reichel at +46 (0) 707 220 345 for booking and further information.

Can you recommend a Jewish tour guide?

Yes, we know many professional tour guides who know well the Jewish Stockholm as well as the regular sites and will be happy to take you around.
Please Click here for a list of Jewish tour guides.

Is there an Eiruv in Stockholm?

No. There is no Eiruv in Stockholm.