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  • JLI - Strengh and StruggleWe unlock the secrets of great character by exploring some of the most dramatic narratives and inspiring personalities in all of history. Sign up today!Read more
  • Stöd kalendern 5777Det är snart dags att publicera den nya kalendern för det kommande judiska året, 5777. Hjälp oss att nå ut till ännu fler medjudar, få ett omnämnande i almanackan, gör även en Mitzva!Anmäl donation idag!
  • Camp Gan IsraelGe barnen en aktivitetsfylld sommar på Gan Israel! Barnen får en chans att bredda sina vyer och tillsammans uppleva ett judiskt sommarkollo. Anmäl er idag!
    Read More
  • The Humble Mountain ParadoxIf G‑d wanted to teach us a lesson in humility, why give the Torah on
    a mountain in the first...
    Read More
  • Becoming a Tech-Smart Parent What you need to know about kids and technologyRead More
  • The Holiday With a Funny NameI tried saying it effortlessly, like I'd been saying it all my life…Read More
  • Soviet Jewish Underground Rabbi to Receive Honor at U.S. SenateThe acclaimed author and activist tells a story of survival and assistance for fellow JewsRead More
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